Here is the soundtrack to us falling in love: (phil44) wrote,
Here is the soundtrack to us falling in love:

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in other news:

things are starting to look up and come together.

- positive reactions from so many people about these songs makes me so surprised and so fulfilled. i wanted a record that people will sing-a-long to come years from now. a record i, myself, could enjoy in my car, driving home at 3 am. singing with every word and harmony. i've never been more proud of something i've done musically. i made this for my friends, and i think i've gotten the point across. now time for shows and touring.


- i dig this girl a lot. i can't remember the last time that someone i was into could keep me involved in a coversation til 5 in the morning. but i love every second of it and every minute we spend together. gonna end there before i jinx myself.

- got promoted at work. more money + more hours = a tired, but happy matt. i want some more tattoos and new gear, so this is a step in the right direction! i just fucking hate waking up at 4 am monday through friday.

i like having my time taken up. sorry i haven't been writing as much!

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