Here is the soundtrack to us falling in love: (phil44) wrote,
Here is the soundtrack to us falling in love:

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so the girl who has taken up my mind the last few months is moving back to Orlando this week. we've gotten so close, and i feel like things would have further progressed, if only she had a few more weeks here. now, this does not mean we're going to stop, but distance does take its toll on things. i'm just so nervous that i may lose her, but i guess that's only a chance of fate? sometimes, you can't control everything you want to. i just hope she feels the same every time i see her.

this may have gotten too pathetic/sappy. what i really mean is that i love the time we spent together and getting to know each other, and i can't wait until the next time i see her.

maybe that's a bit better.

yea, and if you ask if i love you, i'll lie through my teeth just to make me seem more mysterious.
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